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hey everyone.umm yeah yesterday was pretty cool some new things happened.lol.i wont go into details though.hmmm.im gonna have to make up an excuse to why i dunt have my project in art today cuz i forgot to do it yesterday.damn my eye itches really really bad.i wish i could see my alice today after school but she has afterschool sol stuff but thats ok i guess cuz this week is the last week of it so ya know.i cant wait until the birthday bash.its gonna be so sweet cuz i get to see underoath and a static lullaby.its gonna kick so much ass.i dunt even care about the main band(sum 41)i just wanna see underoath mostly.umm alright well im outta things to talk about and im thirsty so im gonna go now and ill talk to yall later.i love alice forever and always till the end and i never wanna leave her.bye

*maybe love will find us again.for there is always tomorrow*
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